National Organisation of Residents Associations


About the National Organisation of Residents Associations (NORA): Empowering Resident Associations Nationwide

In 2003, the National Organisation of Residents Associations (NORA) was established by a collective of town centre residents associations. Driven by concerns over local environmental threats, they sought guidance on pivotal issues including planning, licensing, traffic management, car parking, community safety, and more.

Our diverse membership spans England and Wales, fostering communication via internet platforms. Members benefit from a collaborative environment, where they can seek assistance from peers, leveraging collective experiences. Access to invaluable published data is readily available on the NORA website, free for all visitors. However, exclusive email updates, providing the latest information and advice, are reserved for our members.

We actively engage in government consultations, amplifying the voices of our members in shaping policies. Every member is encouraged to contribute to these consultations, reflecting our democratic ethos. NORA is a trusted advisor to policymakers, influencing governmental decisions with our expertise.

Join NORA today and fortify your Residents Association. Membership subscriptions are £25 for a calendar year, with a reduced rate of £10 for smaller resident groups of fewer than 100 members. 

Empower your community with the National Organisation of Residents Associations: Join us in making a difference.